1. Tournament format: Double-elimination tournament with randomized brackets
  2. Only 5 players are allowed to play at once in a match. Team sizes are recommended at 10 players. Players may play on multiple teams but only one team per match. If you are on the final 2 teams you will only be allowed on one team for the final match. Subs may spectate until needed. Team Comfy personnel will be ask any players not on the rosters to leave matches.
  3. Each round will have a duration of 1 week (each team will play one match per week and losing teams may have an additional consolation match)
    • Teams are able to agree on a suitable time for the match during the week
    • The time of the match should be announced minimum 24 hours before the match.
    • Consolation Matches may be announced with less than 24 hours to play.
  4. Matches will be played on HARD difficulty (50% stronger science)
  5. Imported blueprints are disabled! Teams are encouraged to practice their expected builds.
  6. Match preparation -
    When a match is scheduled team leaders gather their team and poke a staff member. The staff member will open a server at that time, enable tournament mode, freeze players and move people to their respective teams. 5 minutes preparation time for players to join and discuss early strategies is standard before the staff member unfreeze players and match begins.
  7. Matches will not have a time limit. Hard difficulty will should make games faster but for long games your subs will be useful!
  8. There are no restrictions to shooting across the rivers or watching streams in real time etc. Only that imported blueprints are disabled.

If we have enough teams, losing teams may have a second consolation match in a single week to help move things along. This will be announced when teams are finalized and brackets have been made.

TimeZones are going to need to be observed to help teams on different continents organize. CET is the primary time zone at the moment. Post the time zone anytime you post a match time.


      Games will be hosted by COMFY:

      Team Leaders are required to join the comfy discord for easy communication.


      First Week of Matches Commence Oct.21